Sunday, December 9, 2012

Three Useful Tutorials On How To Develop Apps for Android

I have searched "how to develop android apps" on google. And I want to learn how to develop my own application on android. When I open the top ten search results, i found both them are a nice and useful overview without talking about how to code.

The reason for why I want to learn how to develop android app

At present, Android developers got a rising reputation in response to the fast growing popularity displayed by the Android. They usually use the Java programming language through the Android Software Development Kit, however, they can also use other development tools if necessary. They are the prime people who know how to develop Android apps and if you want to earn like they do, it would be a wise idea for you to learn how to develop Android apps as well at the soonest possible time. That is because according to InfoWorld, Android application developers have an estimated income of around $97,000 to $120,000 every year.

If you want to acquire the skills needed to become an Android app developer, there are a lot of websites in the internet that teaches how to develop Android apps. These tutorials are taught in a step-by-step process to ensure that they can cater their assistance to people with different capacities, even to those who have a minimal knowledge in computer compared to others. To name some of these websites, they are:, and
And I collect some good tutorials without sample codes, they are remain a excellent guide for beginners. Also we find some develop tools for develop our own app on android, such as App Inventor, Unity3D for games, Android Software Development Kit.
And maybe you want to develop your own apps on android. You could study here.

Guide 1:

How to develop Android apps-

summary about this article.
Google's Android mobile operating system is perfect for coders who want to develop phone applications, without going through the rigmarole of Apple's approval system. This guide will set you up with the right software and tools to effortlessly code your killer app idea.
No matter how good you are at programming, if you can't wrap your head around Android's software development kit (SDK), your apps might as well be written in Shakespeare. So follow these steps and start getting to grips with the process.

PS:This is an excellent article on setting up the Android SDK Java development system.

Guide 2:

A wonderful Video Tutorial-How to Make Your Own Android Apps-

This video will teach you how to download the Android platform to develop apps.

PS: Nice Video guide, and wish the author uploads videos on how to programme and code quickly.

Guide 3:

How To Develop Android Applications-

Android applications are written using the Java programming language, you’ll also use a custom virtual machine (Dalvik) to run and tst your creations. This article list a number of links to sites that will be of great use to you as you get to grips with the Android SDK and begin to work on creating your own applications for the platform. Information on how to develop applications, references,in-depth documentation and code snippets can all be found as you work your way through the various guides and tutorials.

More good tutorials on how to develop android apps will be listed here.

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