Monday, December 10, 2012

How to protect your secret text messages?

From a computer forum, Sigolina said, "I suspect that my daughter is having “puppy love” but her father doesn’t believe that. So I want to print my daughters’ cell phone text messages out for evidence. Is it possible? By the way, her cell phone is HTC Leo."

For his daughter, all these messages are secret and important. All of us have a secret, and can't be found by our father or mother, even any other person. So we should protect them well.

There is a easy way to protect our secret text messages and easy to restore to phone again.

AST Android SMS Transfer, is easy-to-use designed for Android phone and PC or Mac OS X users to transfer Android text messages to PC/Mac, and restore SMS backup to Android later. It support Android OS Version:2.0-4.2, and could work on every android phone.

Now the daughter could backup these secret sms from HTC Leo to PC or Mac where his father couldn't find them with this android sms transfer.
Backup and restore sms tutorial: how to backup and restore sms 

More infomation about this sms backup and transfer software.

Top 5 Key Features of AST Android SMS Transfer

1.Copy and backup your Android SMS to your computer
AST Android SMS transfer allows you to transfer your Android SMS to your computer freely. You can view and edit the messages on computer more conveniently.

2.Restore from computer to your Android mobile conveniently
At any time you want to restore the saved messages to your Android mobile, you can get the selected SMS to your phone fast and stably.

3.Export the SMS to document files and save permanently
AST Android SMS offers the export feature helping you to export your important SMS to document files and save them for future use.

4.Print out Android SMS in amazing threading model
On occasions you need to present your SMS on paper for a better explanation or something, your requirement is to print them out.

5.Share SMS between two different Android mobiles
With our powerful AST Android SMS transfer, sharing SMS in two Android phones will no longer be an annoying problem for you.

Android SMS Transfer Download
For android phone  For PC/MAC
OFFicial Website:AST Android SMS Transfer, transfer Android SMS to PC/Mac
A Mac User could visit and comment AST Android SMS Transfer for Mac at Download.CNET.COM

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