Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Three Popular Way to Backup SMS for android users

Making calls, sending/receiving messages, recording happy moments, surfing the internet, and more can be done with an Android smartphone. Just like Backuping important information on computer, it’s also necessary for us to backup information from android phone to PC or Mac. The most important information which need to backup is text messages.
Now we need a tool to backup sms from android phone, and there are three ways for android users to backup sms to pc/mac.

1, backup sms to text

How to backup sms to text?

With SMS to Text is a SMS backup and restore app which allows you to export your SMS messages to Plain Text and CSV file formats and yes, those files can be read in your phone or computer! Your exported files can be saved on your phone's SD card, and can be restored later. It is fast and easy to backup and restore your SMS messages! In addition to free version, SMS to Text Pro allows you to export your SMS messages to Excel and HTML file formats and send to your email as attachment!

2, backup sms to gmail

How to backup sms to gmail?

With SMS Backup (Gmail), you could back up messages (SMS) to your Gmail mailbox. You can also specify the folder name of the store, set the maximum number of backups every time, whether the automatic backup.

3, backup sms to csv

How to backup sms to csv file?

With AST Android SMS Transfer, the easiest-to-use personal SMS managing software lets you backup, restore, edit & save your Android SMS conveniently and get a perfect safeguard for your important SMS. You could Export Android SMS to document files in format such as csv file.

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  1. You might also want to take a look at PopMyPhone. You can forward SMS/MMS messages on to any email address as a backup. You can also reply to them by email so any Computer or Tablet then becomes able to send SMS.

    As well as SMS/MMS you can send call details to email as they happen. Useful if you miss a call because you've left your phone at home.